Top 12 Keto Supplements You Should Know About

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Keto dietary supplements are helpful instruments that can assist you get into and stay in ketosis.

I have personally tried keto dietary supplements from all the categories mentioned under, and located them to be notably useful firstly of my keto journey — as well as any time my routine modifications as a consequence of journey or other life occasions.

The keto supplement market has exploded over the previous few years, and there are quite a few merchandise to select from. Once I attended Paleo f(x) for the first time in 2019, I felt like every other sales space had some kind of keto product to supply. To see a curated record of my favorite keto products, take a look at this page.

Keto Supplement Classes

There are tons of keto supplements available on the market, but I’ve discovered merchandise in the following categories to be probably the most useful.

Word that dietary supplements, because the identify implies, are meant to complement a healthy dietary way of life. Don’t try to use these merchandise to fill gaps in your weight-reduction plan that you might (and will) fix with actual meals.

  • Electrolytes (minerals)
  • Exogenous ketones (keto shakes)
  • MCT oil
  • Protein and collagen
  • Omega-Three fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Inexperienced powders
  • Coffee and tea
  • Fiber dietary supplements
  • Meal alternative drinks
  • Supplements to boost workout efficiency

Sadly, simply because a supplement is labeled “keto friendly” doesn’t all the time imply it’s wholesome. That’s why I extremely advocate that you simply rigorously learn the label of each product earlier than buying it.

Under are a few of the components I often keep away from. For a more comprehensive tackle the subject, take a look at my ultimate guide to wholesome eating.

Elements You Should Avoid

The good news is that nearly none of the keto supplements I’ve seen include refined carbs, which are sometimes the first offenders on my record of unhealthy components.

In a nutshell, I like to recommend steering away from the next elements:

  • Synthetic sweeteners
  • Sugar alcohols
  • Dairy (apart from ghee or milk fats)

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Sweeteners and Sugar Alcohols

Keep away from synthetic sweeteners and sugar alcohols

Sadly, you’ll see plenty of synthetic and quasi-artificial sweeteners on the ingredient listing of many keto products, together with Sucralose and erythritol (sugar alcohol). To study extra about why sure sweeteners are detrimental to your health, take a look at my in-depth evaluation of the subject.


Is Dairy Bad For You or Is Dairy Good For You?Dairy incorporates lactose and casein

Dairy is a staple food of many ketogenic diets. However…

…here is why you must avoid it:

Dairy has lactose (milk sugar), and a protein referred to as casein. Bovine (cow’s) milk has casein beta A1, which may wreak havoc on your gut microbiota by widening the so-called tight junctions in your gut and allowing toxins and inflammatory compounds to leak into your bloodstream.

Consequently, I’d advocate limiting your dairy consumption to exploit fats or ghee, which has neither lactose nor casein. Alternatively, you need to use goat or camel milk (or cheese). The latter incorporates casein beta A2, which is far much less inflammatory.

From a supplement perspective, whey protein isolate is relatively protected as it accommodates solely trace quantities of lactose.

In fact, all the time make sure that the producer used dairy from grass-fed/completed animals.

Keto Supplements

Now that you simply perceive what kinds of dietary supplements may help you on your keto journey and what foods to avoid, let’s go into more element about every of the classes talked about earlier.

Electrolytes (Minerals)

Elemental Labs - ElectrolytesElemental Labs – Electrolytes

One of many two commonest errors individuals make when starting a ketogenic food regimen is failing to take care of correct electrolyte levels. When you don’t get sufficient sodium, magnesium and potassium from the meals you eat, you may feel crappy and fatigued, have brain fog, experience muscle cramps, or endure from different basic symptoms of the so-called “keto flu.”

What most people don’t know is that the keto flu is usually avoidable should you care for your calorie and electrolyte consumption. In case you train frequently, which I extremely advocate, you will possible need much more salts and minerals since you lose them in greater amounts whereas sweating.

I relied closely on mineral dietary supplements in the course of the first few weeks of my keto journey. I might all the time inform, based mostly on how I felt, if I used to be low on electrolytes.

Sooner or later, I found out which paleo-friendly and keto-friendly foods have potassium and magnesium, and I also began to make use of salt more liberally. I’ve all the time prevented adding salt to my eating regimen because I used to be concerned concerning the health effects of consuming an excessive amount of sodium. Solely lately have I discovered that the federal government’s day by day advisable worth of sodium is far too low and based mostly on flawed studies.

So in the event you eat clear and have a weight-reduction plan with little to no processed food, you’ll have so as to add salt to your food to help correct cell perform. Simply ensure to use a top quality salt, corresponding to Redmond Actual Salt.

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Spinach is rich in magnesiumSpinach is wealthy in magnesium

Apart from using an electrolyte supplement, you possibly can embrace the next meals in your weight loss plan to increase your magnesium intake:

  • Spinach
  • Avocado
  • Swiss chard
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Mackerel

I eat avocado virtually daily, and spinach can also be a staple in our household. In case you really feel like you’re nonetheless brief on magnesium, think about a supplement. Nevertheless, watch out!

Oral magnesium supplements in clinically relevant dosages are likely to have a laxative effect, which is why many individuals take magnesium in the event that they’re constipated. If that’s a problem for you, think about using a product that will get absorbed by way of the pores and skin.

Exogenous Ketones

Types of Ketone BodiesForms of ketone our bodies (image credit: Good Keto)

The first objective of the keto eating regimen is to enable your physique to make use of ketones (or ketone bodies) as an alternative of glucose for power. Ketones are acids that your liver could make from fats if there’s a scarcity of glucose and insulin in your bloodstream.

The three varieties of endogenous ketone bodies your body can make in the course of the metabolic process often known as ketogenesis are acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone. If you wish to study more concerning the biochemistry of ketogenesis, take a look at this text from the National Institute of Well being (NIH).

Exogenous ketones aren’t made in your liver. As an alternative, you will get them from dietary supplements.

Why would you do this?

There are two fundamental explanation why individuals resort to exogenous ketones:

  • They lessen the symptoms of the keto flu
  • It makes it simpler to get into dietary ketosis (even for those who’re not on a keto food plan)

To learn how exogenous ketone our bodies work, let’s first perceive what sort of ketone dietary supplements exist. In a nutshell, there are two widespread forms of ketone supplements:

  • Ketone esters: These are liquid ketones which are chemically sure to esters. These are sometimes used in laboratories and aren’t readily available to shoppers.
  • Ketone salts: Because the identify implies, ketone salts are chemically linked to salts, reminiscent of sodium, potassium, calcium or magnesium. A lot of the exogenous ketone dietary supplements you will discover in stores and online are of this sort.

How Can You Forestall The Keto Flu?

So how can ketone salts help ketosis and stop the Keto flu?

For those who keep in mind, the keto flu is primarily the result of insufficient calorie consumption or an electrolyte imbalance. Keto salts provide the electrolytes your body may be lacking. Plus, they supply the gasoline (ketones) your body wants for power. The latter is especially useful when you haven’t absolutely transitioned into ketosis but, or in case you’re consuming too many carbs and not sufficient fats.

A word of caution: Studies have shown that supplementing with exogenous ketones can improve your blood ketone levels without being on a ketogenic weight loss plan. For my part, that’s tricking your physique into ketosis, and it misses the purpose of why you ought to be doing keto within the first place. Ketogenic supplements are supposed to help an otherwise healthy way of life and to help us out when our trendy life gets in the best way of doing the best thing.

Remember that the body is an incredibly complicated machine with hundreds of chemical processes working in stability. I’ve by no means seen a shortcut — like eating a Commonplace American Weight loss plan (SAD) while supplementing with ketone salts — achieve the desired effects (e.g.,, improved health or weight loss) in the long term.

Nonetheless, I used exogenous ketone bodies rather a lot during my first few weeks on the keto food plan, and I highly advocate buying a container from a good source before you start your journey.

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The Paleo Diet - Is saturated fat bad for your cholesterol?Coconut oil is rich in (certain) MCTs

Oils and powders that consist principally of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are incredibly widespread in ketogenic and low-carb food plan circles because your physique can use them simply to make ketones and increase mind perform.

Why is that?

Some MCTs bypass your digestive tract and go straight to your mind for use for power.

Most producers derive MCT oils from coconut oil. Sometimes, some use palm oil.

Each supply of fat (including coconut oil) has several forms of fatty acids, including four strains of MCTs:

  • Caproic acid (C6): Turns into ketones shortly, however may cause an upset abdomen — and it tastes terrible.
  • Caprylic acid (C8): Has potent antimicrobial properties, and it’s the quickest MCT to metabolize in the mind.
  • Capric acid (C10): Slower to metabolize and cheaper to make than C8.
  • Lauric acid (C12): Slower to metabolize as a result of it wants your liver’s help.

Whereas we will call all 4 fatty acids MCTs, they don’t seem to be equally useful from a ketogenic and general well being perspective. Particularly, lauric acid (C12) is the weakest MCT in the group. That’s why it’s important to search for MCT oils and supplements that include C8 and C10, as an alternative of C6 and C12.

Contemplating that MCT oils are sometimes created from coconut, wouldn’t it’s simpler to eat a spoonful of coconut oil as an alternative? It will certainly be inexpensive, right?

Whereas you will get all the above MCTs from coconut oil, it’s crucial to know their concentrations in common coconut oil:

  • Caproic acid (C6): Negligent amounts
  • Caprylic acid (C8): *6% of coconut oil
  • Capric acid (C10): *9% of coconut oil
  • Lauric acid (C12): *50% of coconut oil

As you possibly can see, common coconut oil has high quantities of the less-effective C12 and solely average quantities of C8 and C10. That’s why it’s much easier and simpler to use MCT oils that have greater concentrations of C8 and C10.

Do you know that the C stands for carbon and the # signifies the number of carbon atoms a fatty acid has? Brief-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) have fewer than six carbon atoms. Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) have six to 12. And long-chain fatty acids (LCFAs), probably the most plentiful type of saturated fatty acids, have 12 to 21. Technically, MCTs include two to 3 MCFAs, but many individuals incorrectly use both terms interchangeably.

Protein and Collagen

Health benefits of collagen proteinThe well being advantages of collagen protein (picture credit score: Bulletproof)

The overall advice is to eat average amounts of protein whereas on the keto food plan. Relying on your dietary habits and the amount of train you do, which may mean growing or reducing your protein intake.

I do CrossFit 5 occasions every week and wish to offer my body with enough protein to develop lean muscle tissue. Apart from the amino acids in my pre-workout supplement, I often get all my protein by means of my food plan. Meaning pastured meats, seafood, nuts and seeds.

Did you know that collagen is probably the most plentiful protein within the physique?

Nevertheless, my wife and I additionally frequently use high-quality protein powders, together with collagen dietary supplements. In contrast to other protein supplements, collagen has an incomplete amino acid profile. Nevertheless, the physique can take up it extremely shortly and may use it to repair and build connective tissue in your pores and skin, hair, nails and joints.

Additionally, supplementing with collagen stimulates the body to supply its personal collagen, which counters elements of the pure decline brought on by getting old.

When choosing a protein or collagen complement, ensure it comes from grass-fed/grass-finished sources and that it was rigorously processed so as not to injury its amino acids.

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Omega-Three Fatty Acids

How healthy is farmed salmon and what is ethoxyquin?Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids — eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) particularly — have quite a few scientifically-proven well being benefits.

Pure sources of omega-3 embrace sure fish, comparable to salmon, sardines and anchovies. Unfortunately, most of us don’t eat sufficient seafood, as an alternative opting for foods which are high in omega-6 fatty acids.

From a sensible perspective, you can contemplate omega-6 fatty acids to be the antagonist of omega-Three. You can find omega-6 fatty acids predominantly in vegetable oils, which is likely one of the explanation why they’re so unhealthy, and it is best to avoid them.

When you suspect an unfavorable omega-Three to omega-6 stability in your eating regimen, try to change your dietary habits and contemplate supplementing with krill or fish oil. Some studies have shown that folks on a keto eating regimen who have supplemented with krill oil experienced improvements in blood lipid (triglycerides), insulin and inflammatory markers.

Nutritional vitamins

We should get most vitamins from fresh foodWe should always get most of our vitamins from recent food

Many people who start a ketogenic weight-reduction plan assume that fruits (and a few veggies) are off-limits due to their high sugar content material. Consequently, you may need hassle getting all the required vitamins and minerals your body must thrive.

While it’s true that sure fruits and veggies are better than others on the subject of your blood sugar, based mostly on their so-called glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL), you don’t should keep away from eating them solely.

Utterly chopping out an in any other case healthy food group is among the basic errors some individuals make when starting a ketogenic food plan.

It took me a while to determine what fruits I might eat with out getting kicked out of ketosis. During that time, I supplemented with a high-quality multivitamin product to cover my day by day needs.

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Digestive Enzymes

Digestion starts in your mouthDigestion begins in your mouth

Your abdomen and small intestine use numerous digestive enzymes to break down food earlier than passing it on to the massive gut.

Did you know that digestion starts in your mouth?

That’s right! Your saliva glands start producing an enzyme referred to as salivary amylase even before you’re taking your first chew.

Lipase helps with the breakdown of lipids (fats), and protease with the breakdown of proteins.

When making radical modifications to your weight loss plan — like when switching from a high-carb to a high-fat weight-reduction plan — your physique may need a while to adjust. To assist with that adjustment, you may contemplate supplementing with certain pancreatic enzymes, comparable to lipase, protease and trypsin.

Green Powders

Athletic Greens SupplementAthletic Greens complement

In a perfect world, non-starchy greens should take up a lot of the area in your plate. By following that advice, you ensure that you’re getting enough micronutrients (corresponding to polyphenols and fiber) as a part of your weight-reduction plan.

Sadly, life isn’t all the time good.

I journey so much and typically end up having dinner in locations that don’t supply all kinds of nutritious, organic vegetables. That’s the place inexperienced powders may also help.

Inexperienced powders are supplements that provide a dense provide of micronutrients by way of dozens of individual, primarily plant-based elements. Some of these green powders have just some calories whereas others can exchange a full meal.

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Coffee and Tea

The withdrawal signs from a high-carbohydrate weight loss plan and the keto flu typically really feel like they suck all the power out of you. Plus, modifications in your dietary habits can typically cause an upset stomach.

That’s where coffee and tea will help! In addition to caffeine, both coffee and tea are rich in polyphenols, that are plant-based compounds that can positively affect your health and gut microbiota.


I really like black coffee and often take pleasure in two cups in the morning. My spouse provides a selfmade paleo-friendly creamer to her espresso because she doesn’t prefer it black.

For those who don’t just like the taste of black espresso either, I’ve received nice information for you…

…there are plenty of high-fat creamers to select from which might be made with healthy components!

By including a keto creamer, MCT oil, or grass-fed butter to your coffee, you possibly can shortly improve your fat consumption with out having to worry about cooking. Alternatively, you’ll be able to choose from several, ready-to-drink espresso beverages that already have MCT oil as a part of the combination. I just lately tried some whereas at Paleo f(x) and liked them.


Tea has numerous health benefitsTea has quite a few health advantages

Excessive-quality tea has so many health advantages that I can’t point out them all in this article. However listed here are just an important ones as they relate to the keto food regimen:

  • Suppressed appetite. I’m on an intermittent fasting protocol, and tea helps me to suppress my urge for food. Specifically, the catechins in inexperienced tea can decrease ghrelin ranges (which is also called the hunger hormone).
  • Improved intestine health and digestion. Tea is prebiotic, which suggests it might present gasoline for the great bacteria in your gut.
  • Sustained power. Very similar to espresso, some tea has caffeine. But in contrast to espresso, tea offers a much less of an power spike, which makes it a extra sustainable supply of power.

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Fiber supplements

In case you’re new to the ketogenic way of life, and high-fat diets generally, you could be so targeted on eating enough wholesome fat that you simply utterly overlook about your fiber intake.

You can study more concerning the significance of getting sufficient fiber from your eating regimen in this article. Based mostly on scientific research, we consider that our Paleolithic ancestors ate up to 100 grams of fiber per day, which is considerably greater than the present government suggestion of 25 to 30 grams.

For those who’re struggling to get sufficient fiber from keto-friendly sources, you need to use fiber supplements when you fine-tune your eating habits.

Meal Alternative Drinks

Ample K is one of my favorite meal replacement drinksAmple Okay is considered one of my favourite meal alternative drinks

Typically, including further electrolytes or protein to your food regimen isn’t enough, and you must exchange a full meal. That’s where keto meal alternative drinks can come in useful.

I typically use meal alternative drinks while touring, or once I don’t have time to organize (or access to) a healthy meal. Compared to keto shakes, meal alternative drinks have enough fats and protein to exchange a full meal — or at the very least a good-sized snack.

To study extra about keto meal alternative drinks and my experience with them, take a look at this in-depth evaluation.

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Supplements to Increase Workout Performance

pre-workout ingredientsNot all pre-workout dietary supplements are created equal

Some individuals complain a few lack of performance and basic fatigue while understanding on the keto eating regimen. That can have numerous causes, including:

  • Keto flu
  • Carbohydrate withdrawal

When you expertise the symptoms of the keto flu, I like to recommend upping your caloric consumption from fat and ensuring you’re getting enough electrolytes.

Moreover, you must contemplate supplementing with merchandise which were scientifically proven to boost your train efficiency. I wrote an in-depth article on that matter in case you’re interested.

Nevertheless, in a nutshell, contemplate the following forms of dietary supplements:

  • Creatine
  • Individual amino acids (BCAAs, glutamine, beta-alanine, and so on.)

Steadily Requested Questions

I’ve tried to answer a lot of the questions I incessantly hear keto newcomers ask in the article above. Nevertheless, for the sake of clarity, under is a abstract of the most typical questions on keto dietary supplements (and their answers).

What Are the Greatest Keto Supplements?

The reply to this question largely will depend on your requirements and dietary wants. Nevertheless, for my keto journey, I have discovered electrolytes to be probably the most useful, followed by exogenous ketones and fiber.

Should You Add Supplements to Your Keto Weight-reduction plan?

Supplements, because the identify implies, ought to solely help an otherwise healthy dietary way of life. As long as you comply with that rule, there’s nothing fallacious with using them.

I found keto supplements notably helpful in the first few weeks after starting the keto food plan, as well as once I’m out of my routine (for instance, once I’m touring).

What Supplements Should You Take Whereas You Are on the Keto Food plan?

Like I stated above, that will depend on your individual circumstances.

Should you don’t eat a number of processed food, likelihood is you’ll need some additional electrolytes. Should you’re new to high-fat consuming, you may also profit from exogenous ketones and MCT oil to get you on the right track to ketosis.

See how you are feeling, and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit. Not one of the supplements talked about above are harmful should you eat them responsibly.

Do Exogenous Ketone Supplements Work?

Yes. Based mostly on scientific research, exogenous ketones can increase your blood ketone ranges, thus providing your body with a fat-based source of gasoline.

Plus, many ketone products embrace essential minerals that you simply’ll probably need when starting on a keto food plan!

Should I Take Vitamins Or Supplements on a Ketogenic Weight loss plan?

In all probability! For those who already eat healthily and also you continue doing so on keto, you could be OK without supplementation.

Nevertheless, it’s important to know that resulting from soil depletion and using chemical compounds in the farming business, many meals usually are not as nutrient-dense as they have been just 100 years in the past.

Moreover, in case you think about poor eating habits, likelihood is that you simply’re not getting adequate micronutrients out of your eating regimen. Thus, supplementation with a high-quality multivitamin is sensible.

I have written in depth concerning the want for vitamin and mineral supplements on this article, so test it out in case you’d wish to study more.

Conclusion — Keto Supplements

One of the mistakes many people make before starting a keto weight-reduction plan is a scarcity of preparation.

I began keto after having been on a high-fat/low-carb paleo weight loss plan for over three years. The change to keto was no huge deal for me. I just started measuring my ketone levels and minimize out a couple of starchy paleo snacks and fruits.

Nevertheless, in the event you’ve been on a Western food plan for the previous few years, beginning keto may require some preparation to enhance your probabilities of success. Having the appropriate keto supplements may help you in your journey and dramatically enhance your results.

It’s also important to outline your objectives earlier than you begin your journey. My objective with the ketogenic paleo food plan is to improve my health and scale back the prospect of creating a persistent illness.

Your objectives is perhaps more short-term, resembling weight reduction. No matter your objectives may be, I encourage you to stick to this food regimen within the long-term and make it a way of life.

To get began, take a look at my keto assets page, which features individually-selected products that I extremely advocate.